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We provide the materials our customers need to improve their product’s performance and meet their unique specifications.

When it comes to electronics, there’s a vast array of needs that could arise, everything from protecting electronics components and assembling PCBs to developing bio-sensors and creating UV-curing adhesives that last longer. At every step of the way, our experts work with our customers to ensure they have the products and collaboration they need to take their innovations to the next level. 

Semiconductor shortage

The challenges, opportunities, and impact on the electronics market

We are electronics experts

Our experts understand the unique formulation challenges that come with electronics.


Innovative formulations
Whether the goal is to protect devices from corrosion or use low toxicity resins to meet regulations, our experts work collaboratively with both the customer and the principal to build the best solution.



Compliant & Safe
Our experts understand the unique formulation challenges that come with electronics, from ensuring the project stands the test of time to meeting regulations and safety guidelines.



Trusted advisors
Our industry connections, understanding of complex market challenges, open approach to communications, and technical expertise makes it possible to bring the right solutions to the table.


success story

Achieving unique automotive electronic specifications in a challenging market

We know how to navigate the complex market
Our experts monitor the market, regulations, and trends closely to understand
how the demand and supply can impact each of our customers.
"It must be said that the last years of electronics production have been very difficult. We have relied on our ability to communicate openly and transparently about the market and the challenges we face so that our customers do not face them alone. ”

Sophie Pozzi

Product & Market Manager, Material Technologies

Industrial Solutions

New industry insights

4 challenges the electronics market is facing today

Our diverse product portfolio

We offer a broad portfolio of high-quality chemicals from top suppliers around the world.

With our local experts, we bring a wide variety of chemistry options to the table to meet the unique needs of our customers, offering resins and adhesives based on:

  • Epoxy
  • PU
  • Silicone
  • Cyanoacrylates
  • Acrylics

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