Energy reduction in refractories

The trends, challenges, and future of refractory production


Today's energy crisis is considered to be a perfect storm.


Between lower-than-normal gas reserves and the war in Ukraine, energy prices skyrocketed in 2022 and are expected to be even higher in 2023. This is hitting refractories hard, where temperatures upwards of 1,800°C are required and shutdowns can cost millions. Now, the entire industry is rethinking how things have always been done to offset the rising costs.


Read our latest whitepaper on energy reduction in refractories to uncover:

  • 5 trends that will make a difference in your energy reduction journey today;
  • The future of energy and the benefits, challenges and changes that come with it;
  • What we can expect next in energy reduction (broken down by region); and
  • What our leading expert has to say about the biggest challenges the industry has yet to face. 


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