Case study

Enhancing performance with bio-based solutions

The challenge

When it comes to product innovation, our teams face many challenges. Last year two customers were in the market to develop new generations of existing products: a resin and a surfactant. These materials are used in end products such as lubricants, coatings and detergents. Our customers wanted to improve the composition of their products to enhance performance. As their long-term partner, they approached us for support.


Our innovative approach

In many instances, we can reach out to our suppliers, and they will have a solution we can work with already in their portfolio. However, this type of acrylate raw material we were looking for was not available in their portfolio, so we had to get creative.

We recognised the commercial potential of the new product our customers were looking for and established a consortium including other interested parties. With our understanding of market demand, we were able to collaborate with our principal supplier to bring new product innovation to the market: a better performing acrylate monomer which would consist of 85% plant-based material. 

“We are proud of our position at the customer-supplier interface. Our unique position means we can create opportunities for all parties. By convincing our principal supplier to develop the new product for just two customers and by coordinating the specs for the consortium we more than demonstrated our added value.”

Shani Renau Ferrer

Sales, Product and Technical Manager

To make this happen, our technical development team provided detailed specifications and managed the laboratory work with our supplier until the manufacturing pilot trial commenced. We helped our customers conduct their own testing as well, in order to help make their products a commercial success.


An effective bio-based solution

We were able to create an opportunity for both our customers and suppliers to move towards more sustainable products. Thanks to our network we were able to link up customers with a similar need and our intervention enabled the manufacturer to expand their own bio-based product portfolio. Our next goal is to promote this new product to strengthen this business with our existing customers and to attract new users for this innovation.

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