success story

How a new formulation dispersed silica build-up in the osmosis process


The challenge

In all industrial processes, pure water is key. If contaminates, like silica, remain in water, it can get into the machinery ecosystem and cause damage that can be expensive and time consuming to repair.

Our water treatment customer in Mexico City faced this challenge exactly. The inlet of their osmosis unit for the pre-treatment of water had high silica content build-up. Despite their efforts, they could not remove or keep the silica dispersed. And due to budget constraints, they could not install an ion exchange process that would have helped to eradicate the silica as well.

The goal

The primary goal was to remove or keep the silica dispersed so that it would not become embedded in the osmosis equipment; a challenge that could be costly to fix if not eradicated quickly.

Additionally, because they are water doctors, providing a third-party service to an end-user’s plant, they had to stick within the tight budget determined in their contract.

They turned to IMCD’s Industrial Solutions water treatment experts for a new solution.

The approach

Our experts are familiar with this challenge...

The outcome

The newly formulated solution helped the customer...