To Lubricants & Energy

Market segments

Our specialist teams support customers with formulations in these key markets.

Automotive (Engine and Transmission)

Including: Heavy Duty Diesel, Passenger Cars, Marine Diesel, Motorcycle, Recreational & Agriculture.



Including: Greases, Industrial Gears, Hydraulic, Turbine & Process Oils.


Metal Working

A wide product selection to meet a broad spectrum of metal protection and processing needs.

Including: Press Cutting & Stamping, Cold Forging, Cold, Hot & Warm Forming, Neat & Soluble.


We offer a full range of gasoline, diesel, biofuel and residual fuel additives that improve combustions, deposit control, flow and friction. The additives deliver optimal power, performance, engine and equipment life along with improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.


Heat Transfer Fluids

For use in non-pressurised closed-loop thermal systems, our non-aqueous specialty liquid phase heat transfer fluids can be used from -88°C to +343°C. This includes mineral oils, synthetic and organic-based formulas.

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