IMCD Lubricants & Energy Technical Centres

Watch our Technical Director, Clara Fabre, explain how our experts can support your lubricant & energy developments.

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IMCD's Lubricants & Energy Technical Centres support your Testing & formulation needs and help to accelerate your development efforts.

Our Technical Centres support our Lubricants & Energy customers with state-of-the-art testing facilities. 
The testing equipment is dedicated for oil and gas markets, industrial and automotive lubricant applications as well as metalworking fluids and greases - providing an all-round offering for lubricants and energy markets. By combining our unique testing capabilities with the formulating expertise of our technologists, we offer our customers customised solutions that align with their business needs.

Technical Centres by region

Paris, France

Houston, Texas, USA
Mexico City, Mexico

How we can support you

Our Technical Centres in Houston, Mexico City & Paris have formulating & testing experts who are ready to collaborate with you. Our teams can work with you every step of the way to help drive and evolve your testing and formulation needs. Together, we identify applications and define the required tests. We then investigate our portfolio of products to ensure only the most effective are used in your formulation.

Core competencies

  • Technical advice and formulation development
  • Guidance for product optimisation
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Additive and base oil screening/selection testing
  • Application testing with quantitative results
  • Focus on sustainable solutions
  • Customer training

Key Equipment/Test Capabilities

Oil & Gas:
Houston Laboratory

  • Cement fluid loss testing
  • Cement & spacer stability
  • Non-destructive cement strength
  • Viscosity and consistency testing
  • Spacer wettability & compatibility
  • Static gel strength testing
  • Rheology
  • Density
  • Lubricity
  • Thickening time

Lubricants & Greases:
Houston, Mexico City & Paris Facilities

  • 4 Ball Machine (Wear & Weld)
  • Rheology & Tribology
  • Grease stability, dropping point & resistance to water wash-out
  • Corrosion
  • Oxidation
  • Flash point
  • Elastomer compatibility
  • Density & Viscosity
  • Foaming tendancy
  • Emulsion stability
  • Refractive Index
  • pH measurement



Oil & Gas:
Houston Laboratory

  • Cement
  • Spacers
  • Drilling Fluids


Houston, Mexico City & Paris Facilities

  • Greases
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Industrial Lubricants
  • Automotive Lubricants

Utilising our expertise and capabilities to support your formulation needs:

Our Team

Our team of qualified technologists are ready to provide technical support to the lubricants and energy industry across our global regions.

Joshua Godfrey

Laboratory Manager Houston, North America - Oil & Gas


Holds a BSc in Natural Science. Josh served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps before working for 5 years at Baker Hughes’ Global R&D Center in Tomball, Texas where, he developed technical expertise in cementing and spacer systems.

At IMCD, Joshua works with suppliers to develop new chemistry suitable for the cement industry. He works with customers to discover how these products can be incorporated into their current fluid systems.


Joshua Godfrey 
Braydon Rudy

Braydon Rudy

Laboratory Manager Houston, North America - Lubricants & Greases


Holds a BSc. in Biology and Chemistry. Braydon joined IMCD in 2021, bringing 8 years of experience in the automotive and industrial lubricant industry as a research chemist. He has extensive experience in lubricant and grease analysis, product performance testing and formulating finished lubricants.

Cécile Soubeyrand

Laboratory Manager Paris, Europe - Lubricants & Energy


Cécile is a qualified Chemical Engineer with 14 years' experience working as a laboratory manager and over 20 years working in the lubricants industry. Cécile's specialism is in metalworking fluids.

Cecil Souberyrand 
Josefina Gasca  

Josefina Gasca

Laboratory Manager Mexico City - Lubricants & Energy


Josefina has 20 years' experience working in technical services. Josefina's specialism is in corrosion, scale inhibitors & biocides.


Would you like learn more about our facilities? Contact us to discuss your development needs