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'Powering Tomorrow' Webinar Series: Insight into the world of Lubricants, Fuels, Oil & Gas and Energy
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      Focus on Automotive Sector

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Automotive Transmission Fluids for Global Market 

Aftermarket Fuel Additives





E-mobility - The Future of Lubrication

Welcome + Introduction to IMCD Lubricants & Energy

Next Generation low viscosity PAOs to enhance fuel economy and durability in Ultra Low Viscosity, Low Volatility engine / drive & industrial lubricants

A new generation of Mid SAPS Technology

Maximising Your Success with API-CK-4, ACEA E9 Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

Enabling Success in the new evolving Motorcycle Oil Market

The importance of using the right Performance Polymer in Engine Oil applications

Focus on Industrial Sector

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PIBSA Developments for Metalworking
Revolutionary New Technology for Modern Rust Preventive Applications
Biocides for Metalworking and Fuels
Trends in Grease Industry (Calcium Sulfonate Grease)
Sustainability - Trends in Metalworking Fluids and Bio Lubricants
Energy efficient Hydraulic fluids
Energy efficient Industrial Gear Oils
EP/AW Additives with improved labelling
The (not so) Passive Extreme Pressure Chemistry
Silicone Fluids and Silica for Grease and Paste formulation

Focus on Oil & Gas

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Downstream Oil & Gas - IMCD Proposal

Saving Energy with high-performance alumino-silicate gel adsorbents

Ethylene purification - Solutions for Olefin Processing

Biogas purification

Introduction to IMCD North American Oil & Gas

Spacer Surfactant Development

Solutions for drilling fluids, chemicals filtrations and spills absorption

Advanced Torque and Drag Reducing Technology for Drilling and Production

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