Promotes Sleep and Relieves Jet Lag


Most people have the occasional sleepless night, and some are affected by chronic sleep disturbances including insomnia.  More consumers are seeking herbal sleep aids, potentially due to the ‘hangover effect’ and short half-life of drugs in this category.

Prosomnial™ is a natural sleep aid standardised to 1% melatonin.  This industry-first ingredient has been developed to address a  major and growing health concern by providing a therapeutic  dose of melatonin which meets consumer desire for a  plant-based ingredient to promote sleep. 

Concept Highlights
  • Derived by the pistacio plant, (Pistacio Vera) that has the highest values of natural melatonin reported for any plant material to date.
  • Prosomnial™ is standardised to 1% melatonin.
  • The minitablets can be individualized dosed (from 0.28mg to 2mg melatonin  per dose), depending in which country the product is launched and the maximum country allowance for melatonin.