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In the year 2020, immune health has become one of the most important considerations for consumers. According to Google Trends, the volume of online searches for ‘immunity’ rose by 450% compared with 12 months earlier. Is it time to strengthen your immune portfolio?
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IMCD’s nutraceutical portfolio contains a variety of immune health ingredients developed to deliver solutions for your next immune health product.

Utilising IMCD‘s APAC network of Pharmaceutical technical centres, we have formulated these ingredients with our range of functional excipients into two functional finished product concepts.
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Combining the power of a herbal extract, medicinal mushrooms, vegan Vitamin D3 and Zinc with superior absorption in a smaller tablet. IMCD Immune Forte is a concept formulated using IMCD speciality excipients to provide superior direct compression performance and achieve a smaller tablet.


• Immune strengthening • Stress resilience
• Restoring tonic

•Vegan and premium nutrients that support healthy immune responses.
•Herbal extracts to strengthen the body, support immunity and protect against infections.
•Adrenal support to increase resistance to stress. 
•Clean label, low excipient formula.

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IMCD ‘Vegan Immunity Gummy’ is a clean label immune health concept formulated using carrageenan and polyols for the best taste & texture performance.


• Daily boost of immune health nutrients
• Suitable for the whole family



•Sustainable, plant-sourced vitamin D3 derived
from algae.

•Premium proprietary zinc for greater absorption.

•Daily boost of essential nutrients to support immune health & function.

•Delivered in a delicious vegan gummy, suitable for the whole family.

•Clean label formula.

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Would you like to receive our lab developed product concepts? Simply confirm your details and we will arrange for a sample pack to be sent to you. Our experienced Technical Team is available to help with any questions you may have.
Custom formulation support
Let us know your challenge and our technical experts would be happy to deliver you a total product solution.

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