Mumbai Pharma Technical Centre

The local FDA-approved technical centre in Mumbai is equipped with the tools and expertise to serve the vital Indian pharma market, by developing formulations and providing innovative solutions.
This technical centre functions as the Global Pharma Topical Centre, with an ability to work on various topical dosage forms like creams, lotions, gels, solutions, and foams. A fully equipped oral dosage lab, with an array of equipment for developing tablets, capsules, liquid dosage forms, pellets, powders, lozenges, and oral films, further strengthens the centre’s capability in providing invaluable expertise and insight to the global IMCD network.
Key Capabilities

Formulation development based on IMCD’s research & market intelligence.

Formulation development and troubleshooting based on customers’ needs.

• Characterisation & analytical studies.

• Formulation development using active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).