Celebrating the integration of DCS Pharma into IMCD!

We are pleased to announce that we successfully completed the integration of DCS Pharma AG into IMCD Switzerland AG.
During our 25th anniversary year, we celebrate the complete integration and the bringing together of two companies to provide the very best in quality ingredients, industry experts, and technical, regulatory and formulation support.

This integration is transformative for IMCD Pharma, as it positions us a unique partner within the pharmaceutical industry, allowing us to push the level of service and possibilities we offer to our customers and suppliers more than ever before.

We deliver innovation for a healthier world thanks to our inter-disciplinary team and broad network.

What does this mean for you?

Thanks to our combined expertise and the synergies between APIs and Excipients in our portfolio, as well as our global geographical coverage and extensive network of technical centres, our existing and future partners benefit from a significantly increased network within the pharmaceutical industry.
End-to-end Partner
We support you throughout every step of the product development process, from selecting the most suitable API and excipients, right through to the final formulation. We are there to guide you on your journey to producing effective, cost-efficient, and patient-compliant products that contribute to a healthier world.
Unique Point of Contact
With the integration of DCS Pharma into IMCD, we are able to serve as your unique point of contact, with one sales process for both APIs and excipients, as well as complete support and expertise to offer you a full package service.
Regulatory Support 
We are aware of the ever-increasing regulatory requirements of the health authorities, as well as your needs for a fast, and reliable service.  And that is exactly what we deliver. When doing business with us, you get more than just an ingredient – you will have full peace of mind that your product is safe, high quality and in compliance with regulatory requirements..

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Product Offering

Technical Expertise