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Functional Excipients

IMCD provides creative, high quality solutions for effective delivery of your most challenging nutraceutical actives. Optimize your nutraceutical formulations with IMCD's functional excipients portfolio.

Explore our Range of Excipients

Immediate Release

Disintegrants for effective release of active ingredients.

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Controlled Release

Modified and sustained release excipients for prolonged administration.

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Multifunctional Binders

Multifunctional binders for more efficient use of formulation space.

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A Sensory Experience

Creative and exciting dosage forms for any target audience.

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Looking for Active Nutraceutical Ingredients?
Our nutraceutical actives portfolio includes a wide range of both traditional and innovative actives - contact our team to find out more!
Sample Request
Would you like a sample of functional excipients? Simply confirm your details and we will arrange for a sample to be sent to you. Our experienced Technical Team is available to help with any questions you may have.
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IMCD runs a number of regular regional webinars and seminars on topics our customers are interested in. This provides an opportunity to learn about exciting formulation advances while networking with professionals within the industry.