Immediate Release

IMCD’s excipient portfolio can optimize your formulation and the delivery of your active by ensuring a rapid and complete release. The key to immediate release is choosing the proper disintegrant!
Consider the best disintegrant for your formulation:
  • Dosage form type – understanding the disintegrant mechanism allows for optimal selection
  • Targeted release profile – ensure your Active Nutra Ingredient (ANI) is released from your dosage form within the desired timeframe.
  • Your label requirements – IMCD has solutions that will fit your labelling and branding requirements – for example, minimize your ingredient list using non-GMO Shin-Estu L-HPC as a disintegrant and binder.
  • Use level - A lower usage level can help you reduce tablet size - GMO-free Ac-Di-Sol® SDW 802 can be used at a low percentage,  leaving room for a high dose of functional ingredients.

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