Sensory Experience

The sensory characteristics of nutraceutical actives can present many formulation challenges! IMCD’s portfolio of ingredients can help turn your most challenging products into an exciting sensory experience.
Our sensory excipient portfolio covers all aspects of consumer enjoyment:
  • Flavor - Firmenich offers any flavour profile in liquid and powder forms and polyol sweeteners from Roquette can enhance your flavour profile.
  • Color - Natural carotenoid colors make a great first impression.
  • Mouthfeel - Enhance disintegration of your ODTs with RxCIPIENTS FM 1000. Provide a smooth and creamy experience using SuperTab 50 ODT lactose, and/or a cooling sensation using polyols from Roquette.
  • Tastemasking - Hide the off-notes of your actives using coatings such as Kollicoat® MAE, or tastemaskers like ModulaSENSE®.
  • Textures - SweetPearl® natural maltitol from Roquette can add a pleasant crunch to chewables and CP Kelco pectin can provide texture to a vegan gummy.


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