Detox and Digest

Detox products are often promoted for overindulgence, weight loss, or excess alcohol and drug use. However, it’s not only about excess - the routine modern lifestyle can also be a source of toxic overload. The best way to reduce the burden is to limit exposure and enhance the body’s detoxification systems.
IMCD's Detox and Digest Brochure
Chemicals pervade our food, air, water, as well as everyday consumables such as household and personal care products, electronics, and even the clothes we wear. These pollutants can accumulate in the environment and our body; and high exposure has been associated with metabolic disorders and other adverse health effects.  
The IMCD Nutraceutical team has developed a dual-action formulation for the optimal digestive detox, made with premium plant extracts and cooling mint to strengthen both liver and digestive function. 
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Fight pain and inflammation with this effective gel formulation containing OptiPEA® and Bosswellia™ – two evidence-based nutraceutical ingredients.

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The first natural melatonin from pistachio extract to aid sleep and relieve jet lag.

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Healthy Bones for Kids

Vegan soft gummy formulation with natural ingredients, providing essential nutrients for bone growth and development in children.

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Sports Nutrition

Two cross-functional formulations for recovery and joint health in line with new trends of clean label and plant based products.

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Healthy Heart

An evidence-based solution which supports heart and cardiovascular health. This delicious suckable tablet offers an alternative to red yeast rice and is complementary to statin therapy.

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Omega Brain Boost

Vegetarian soft gel capsule formulation containing two proprietary ingredients and selected nutrients to support brain health and cognitive function.

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Harness the power of natural plant polyphenols with this chewable tablet that transforms metabolism, helps reduce body weight and assists blood glucose control.

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Nutribeaut Cocktail

Visibly enhance skin health and defend against ageing and pollution from the inside-out with this cosmeceutical supplement containing five skin loving ingredients.

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