Pharmaceuticals 1st February 2024 5 min read

Flavour trends to watch in 2024

As Generation Y and Z integrate into the workforce, there is a noticeable surge in the popularity of personalised nutrition and supplementation. The 2024 consumer has evolved to become increasingly informed and health-conscious. 

This shift prompts us to explore the current preferences in dietary supplements, and the response is clear – consumers are seeking diverse, innovative, and palatable products. Dietary supplements of 2024 and beyond are therefore adopting a holistic approach while continually embracing personalisation. In the realm of flavours, the innovation we are witnessing in dosage forms is also mirrored with innovation in flavours. 

New Customer Lifestyles

We have seen an explosion in new delivery forms like gummies, mouth sprays, and vegan softgel capsules across various health categories. Mental health, cognitive function, sleep, digestive health, beauty, immunity, energy support, and weight management, among others, are increasingly seen as part of the bigger picture. Consumers are beginning to move away from symptomatic supplementation in favour of a more holistic, proactive approach to their health. Nonetheless, there are other common challenges that remain with all supplement products – they need to be both palatable and innovative in their form, taste, colour, shape, and scent.1 

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A new year, a new colou, a new flavour

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Every year, Pantone selects one colour that will mark the year ahead - peach fuzz being the colour of 2024. Officially called “Pantone 13-1023 Peach Fuzz,” the colour is “velvety”, “gentle”, and “subtly sensual” according to the design and colour authority.2 It’s soothing and embracing tones are expected to enrich our mind, body and soul.2 The colour is associated with both indulgence and serenity, similar to the fruit itself. Peaches, which are rich in high fibre content, promote a healthy heart and radiant skin, so we expect peach flavour to dominate in the gut and beauty categories as a standalone flavour or in combination with passion fruit, mango or apricot. Our Gastro-soothe concept for relieving and restoring the gastrointestinal function embraces this trend, containing white peach as a key flavour.  

New Flavour Trends

According to Innova, there are five global flavour trends 3 - floral fascination, indulge in imagination, vintage vibes and modern bites, local delights and savour the contrast. Based on social media listening tools,4 the health and supplement market is closely following these trends. At IMCD, we continually assess the top categories and flavour trends, utilising the different flavour directions when developing our concept formulations. While there are some newcomers in 2024, the classics like orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, berry, and now peach continue to dominate as the top-liked flavours, as evidenced by social media engagement. With this in mind, we are placing a special focus on the following flavour trends for 2024: 

The Flavour and Health axis

Floral Fascination

With 57% of consumers globally saying that botanical flavours (herbs, floral) are good for their health, chamomile, hibiscus, and elderflower are leading the floral flavour trend.3 These adaptogenic plants have several health associations – they promote relaxation and calming of the nervous system, as well as being linked to fighting cellular damage caused by free radicals. As such, these flavours (and scents) offer an excellent option for those looking to develop a cognitive or sleep supplement.  
Herbal Infusion

Traditional flavours are making a comeback, with natural, almost earthy taste profiles seen in ginger and turmeric.  Here, there is no need to mask the natural, often bitter taste of the extract, but rather it should be potentiated and used to complement the health benefits of the herbal extracts, which include pain therapy or immunity.  
New Classics

Taste masking is inherently one of the main reasons we use flavours in palatable supplements. This trend brings back the old classics like citrus fruits, but with the introduction of some new exotic citric flavours along the way. Fruity citrus flavours remain undisputed flavour icons, with some variation towards clementine, tangerine or yuzu that can help with masking the off notes of herbals.
Exotic Adventure

Following the announcement of Pantone colour of the year, expect a surge in peach-flavoured supplements. Enhance the taste experience of beauty and skin supplements with the use of peach and fruity floral flavour combinations. Peach also harmonises perfectly with passion fruit, mango, or apricot, which are all linked with immunity, energy, stamina, and vitality.  
Vintage Vibes

Nostalgic flavours are the fastest growing amongst sport nutrition launches and are following the trend of ‘’newstalgic” flavours 3 with caramel or vanilla. Interestingly, warm, dark flavours like vanilla, chocolate, and liquorice are also pioneers when it comes to bitter masking.

IMCD Solutions

IMCD offers innovative nutraceutical and pharmaceutical concepts and solutions. We have a variety of formulations that encompass a holistic and trendy approach. One such example is our Sleep Well Gummy, a nutraceutical concept with orange blossom and raspberry flavour.

Developed by IMCD experts in our dedicated Technical Centres, Sleep Well Gummy offers a targeted, effective, and science-based solution to support relaxation and sleep. The gummy format allows for improved lifestyle integration compared to a standard tablet or capsule format.

Orange blossom is associated with comfort and calming anxiety,5 whilst raspberry is the number one flavour linked to sleep and relaxation.6  

Where will the compass go in 2024 ?

Naturally, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution or flavour that caters to every need. Classical citric flavours will continue to be a staple for immunity, energy, and sports-related products, while various berry flavours will remain dominant in the realms of gut and cognitive health. Different regions will also have their local preferences. But true distinction emerges when we enhance flavours by introducing complementary secondary notes, like adding floral flavours to sleep, focus, and relaxation products. In cases where taste masking is essential, we may turn to warmer or cooling flavours, prioritising efficiency over trendiness. IMCD is well-equipped to assist you in identifying the perfect ingredient for your formulation and pairing it with a complementary flavour.

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