Mucoadhesion and modern drug delivery systems

Past Event

About the webinar
Over the past few decades, mucosal drug delivery has received a great deal of attention. Regardless whether we are talking about nasal, buccal or vaginal delivery systems – it is the mucoadhesive polymers that seem to hold the key for patient compliance and indirectly, formulation effectiveness. Mucoadhesion is more than just adhesion between two surfaces; it can be a new and promising approach towards enhanced retention and improved bioavailability for both localised and systemic drug delivery. 
For optimal results, mucoadhesive dosage forms need to address a list of challenges, ranging from API suitability, to choice of mucoadhesive polymer(s) in order to achieve the target product profile (TPP) for the intended dosage form. 

Join us in this webinar, where we will shed light on the challenges linked to common mucoadhesive dosage forms, and will present our solutions with formulation examples developed in our global Technical Centres. 

About the presenters

Asia Pacific

Dessy Nathalia - Technical Manager
Dessy is a pharmacist with more than 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from product development to validation lifecycle management. She currently leads the technical activities in South-East Asia and the Australia and New Zealand region. Dessy is also an internal trainer with a specialism in nutraceutical products (regulatory aspects), taste masking and sensory profiling. 

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