ODTs - Closing the gap between the age groups

Past Event

About the webinar
With the ever growing population, the rise of more patient friendly dosage forms have emerged in the market, to meet the needs of both the aging population of patients over 60 years old and the new generation of children under 18 years old. Orally disintegrating forms have become the dosage form of choice, from tablets to mini-tablets and stickpacks they provide an easier dosage format for the intended end customers. 

In recent years, pharmaceutical innovation has led to the patients taste, memory and flavour preferences playing a decisive role into dosage form compliance and as a result indirectly affects efficiency. Therefore it is imperative to not only discuss the market trends, but to also explore troubleshooting in these areas. 

Join us to explore the possibilities, limitations and challenges within the current products on the market. We will discuss the factors determining the development of the ideal ODTs and share some interesting case studies. 

About the presenters

Asia Pacific

Dr. Sita V G - Technical Services
A graduated pharmacist, Sita received a degree in business management from the NMIMS institute. With science in mind, she pursued and gained her Ph.D from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai focusing on lipid nanocarriers with accent on transdermal and nose to brain targeted delivery leading to 4 international publications and a book chapter. Prior joining to IMCD, Sita was involved in R&D department where she was responsible for product development of oral solids and liquid forms. Her particular interest lie in nano targeted formulations, reverse engineering for generic development as well as novel and alternative pathways for taste masking. Sita is supporting customers in the Northern region of India in numerous areas of expertise ranging from DC and WG troubleshooting to nanoparticulate systems. She has been regularly contributing on topics ranging from scientific writing to novel excipients on drug delivery to academic students and faculty on her YouTube channel.

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