Pharmaceuticals 1st September 2022 3 min read

Pharma for the Future

'Biopharma' is a simple way to describe the complex and 
exciting field that is biopharmaceutical science, a global 
market that is currently witnessing a CAGR of 9.2%. 1

Biopharmaceutical innovation has also made it possible to address previously untreatable conditions: about 70% of potential biopharma medicines in development represent novel approaches to addressing diseases in areas such as neurology, cancer, diabetes and immunology.2 In this way, biopharma contributes to growth and development in each of the areas we have already spotlighted, indicating that its value will only increase over time.

Exploring biopharma potential

Biotechnology products are forecast to take majority share in the top 100 drug sales by 2026, accounting for 55%. This represents a 16% increase compared to 2012. Global prescription sales of biotechnology products continue to grow rapidly with a CAGR of 9.6% between 2019 and 2026, compared to conventional product growth of 5.5% in the same timeframe. 3

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spotlight on vaccines. This could never be described as a trend but, more as an important innovation area: developing more bespoke methods of vaccine treatment is central to how the world of biopharma operates today. Solutions cover not only vaccines but also diagnostic approaches and treatment methods, for example when treating people outside of hospital. There is also significant interest in the potential of cell and gene therapy, which involves working with genetic material to understand how to support a patient’s cells in defence against pathogens. This can result in a highly personalised therapeutic approach against some of the greatest human health challenges such as cancer and non-treatable hereditary diseases.

Expert Q&A

Sylvain Tamier, International Product Manager at IMCD Pharmaceuticals, leads our Biopharma segment globally, There is no one better placed to discuss the future of biopharma and the most exciting developments in the space.


What are the most interesting innovations in the biopharma spotlight?

Oncology is a big focus for biopharma companies right now, but more generally, I would say biopharma is one of the best assets for the development of personalised medicines, which are the future of treatment. Today, thanks to our innovation in diagnostics, we are able to find exact mutations, the exact changes in a patient's metabolism when they are sick. And once we know that, then we can personalise medicines and treatments with monoclonal antibodies, i.e. proteins, to treat the patient with unparalleled precision.



What are the biggest challenges in the biopharma space, and how can IMCD help customers to overcome those? 


The Covid-19 pandemic has been the biggest challenge and focus for the Biopharmaceutical industry in 2020. Innovative solutions have been developed in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and vaccination. Numerous treatments have been investigated. Among these solutions, monoclonal antibodies are considered promising to treat people in intensive care. When it comes to vaccines, billions of dollars are being invested into development and improvement. Vaccines are being produced with well-known technology like mRNA, but we’re also seeing interest in protein-based vaccines or viral vectors. IMCD supports these efforts of the global Biopharmaceutical industry through close collaboration with leading manufacturers of excipients. We provide high purity ingredients which respond directly to market needs, helping our customers to develop innovative formulations. IMCD’s Principal partners invest in capacity and portfolio extension to ensure the security of supply of those critical raw materials to the market. IMCD in turn provide essential services in the logistics to make the supply chain robust and efficient.

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