Suspension Aids - Your Recipe for Success

Past Event

About the Webinar
Suspensions, liquid and semi-solid drug formulations must be formulated with utmost precision. Suspensions are used in many different formulation types within the pharmaceutical industry; they can be used for oral, topical, ophthalmic, otic, or nasal applications. Each of these present unique challenges and requirements in terms of desired quality attributes. The oral suspension is effective and most often used for vulnerable populations, like newborns, paediatrics, and geriatrics, who need easy-to-administer medicines. Given the criticality of treating these groups, product stability and efficacy are paramount. 

The formulation experts at IFF & IMCD can help you design an optimal liquid or semi-solid application using our broad portfolio of specialised excipients and deep expertise in suspensions. 
To help design an effective suspension, it’s crucial to choose the right excipient. Multiple excipients, such as a suspending agent, protective colloid, and viscosifier, ensure a uniform and stable product with pleasant taste and mouthfeel. In this webinar, we would like to share our latest case studies revolving around common suspension formulation challenges: we have worked on sedimentation improvement, suspending and resuspending issues as well as pH stabilisation.
Our team has put our decades of experience and know-how into action to find answers to your biggest challenges. Join us in this webinar to find out more.

About the presenters


Dr Yeli Zhang - Application and Innovation  Technical Manager (IFF)

Dr. Zhang has been working in the excipient industry for over 20 years. Currently, she is an Application and Innovation Technical Manager at IFF Pharma Solutions.  Prior to her current role, Dr. Zhang worked at FMC Health and Nutrition as a Sr. Scientist in excipient product development and support. Later, she became the North America Health Technical Manager and was responsible for providing technical support to FMC’s North America excipient market.


Before joining FMC, she worked at the National Starch and Chemical Company (an ICI company) as a Sr. Scientist in the areas of starch excipient and delivery system development. Dr. Zhang received her Ph.D. at Cornell University in the field of Polymer Science and Biomaterials. 

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