TiO2-Free Coatings - Nutra Reality, Pharma Future?

Past Event

About the webinar
The use of TiO2 (E171) free coatings systems is gaining more interest in the pharmaceutical industry, especially after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that TiO2 can no longer be considered as a safe food additive. Concerns about the safety of titanium dioxide as a food additive can potentially create major earthquakes for the pharmaceutical industry in the years to come. 
The industry is already making efforts to accelerate the research and development to replace titanium dioxide in both new and already authorised products. There are current alternatives, which although are not direct replacements, are showing promising results for both pharma and nutra applications. IMCD embraces the discussion and recognises the need for a reliable and safe solution.

Join our webinar to explore the possibilities, limitations, and challenges amongst the products currently on the market. 
About the presenter
Engin Sari
Currently operating as a Global Formulation Manager, Engin has personally seen the advances in the coatings world and particularly the needs for a healthier new alternative to titanium dioxide. He is also an active trainer within the IMCD Pharma team, covering topics from DC troubleshooting to development of various dosage forms.

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