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At IMCD Pharmaceuticals we offer a wide and comprehensive product portfolio with the highest quality active ingredients and functional excipients.

The high-quality actives in our portfolio include Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Agrochemical Active Ingredients (AIs), natural extracts for Active Nutraceutical Ingredients (ANIs), peptides, biosimilars and cultures.

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Product availability varies by country, please contact us directly to discuss how we can support your needs.


With a focus on APIs for selected therapeutic groups, we manage the full process of sourcing sensitive or rare materials.

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Whether you are looking to formulate a granule, emulsion, suspension or seed coating, we have the right product for you.

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We offer a range of products for use at every stage of the bio-production process, from upstream, to downstream and formulation.

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Excipients and Formulation

We offer a complete range of excipients for various dosage formats and formulations.

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We also develop concepts for specific health categories, in line with the latest consumer trends.

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We are continuously developing our innovative product range to ensure it delivers significant performance benefits.

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The Solution Centre is designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for, providing solutions directly from your screen. Here, you are able to quickly explore our offering and find the right solution for your specific requirements and challenges.

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