Weight Management

A global rise in obesity presents a significant economic burden to countries worldwide. Excess weight not only increases mortality, it also contributes drastically to the development of other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. As consumers are increasingly searching for solutions to complement diet and lifestyle strategies, many also turn to dietary supplements to help achieve their weight loss goals.
Products for Weight Management
  • Alpha-Cylodextrin powder
  • Clinically studied Magnifera indica powder
  • Green Coffee Bean - Coffea arabica
  • Green Tea - Camellia sinensis
  •  Gymnema - Gymnema sylvestre
  • Hydroxycitrate complex - Garcinia cambogia syn. gummi-gutta
  • Nutricol┬« Konjac Flour (Glucomannan)
  • Sicilian blood orange extract - Citrus Sinensis (L) Osbeck
Harness the power of natural plant polyphenols to transform metabolism, help reduce body weight and assist blood glucose control. IMCD offers three botanical ingredients containing polyphenols which are backed-by-science to help reduce body weight, upregulate metabolic enzymes and reduce glucose responses following a high carbohydrate meal.