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Polyacrylic acid

Carbomers are synthetic high-molecular-weight polymers of acrylic acid that are crosslinked with either allyl sucrose or allyl pentaerythritol
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Primary function
Rheology modifier
Typical use level
0.5 - 3%
Physical data

  • Appearance: white, fluffy powder
  • Particle size: 2 - 7 µm
  • Bulk density: 0.2 g/cm³

Benefits / Claims
Highly efficient thickeners, at low usage levels.
Polymer swells in water and neutralisation may be required to achieve the desired viscosity (max typically at pH=6).
Versatile and efficient in aqueous, anhydrous and hydroalcoholic systems.
Thixotropic, possessing shear thinning properties.
Improved bioavailability of active ingredients due to carbomer bioadhesive properties.
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