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Dimethyl Sulfoxide


About the Greener Solvents seminar

Solvent selection is crucial in eliminating the environmental burden associated with API manufacture. For that reason, the first step in this sustainability journey is our Greener Solvents Seminar. In the session, we present alternatives to some of the potentially toxic or environmentally harmful solvents commonly used in chemical synthesis today.

Join us to explore the possibilities, limitations, and challenges of greener solvents and alternatives in chemical synthesis.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide

  • Acronym: DMSO
  • CAS Number: 67-68-5
  • Spec (Assay): 99.9% min
  • Boiling point: 189°C
  • Packaging: 226.8kg Drum & 22t bulk
  • Application: Dipolar Aprotic solvent
  • Chemical Drawing:

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Dimethyl Sulfoxide

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