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Glyceryl monooleate

9-Octadecenoic acid (Z), monoester with 1,2,3-propanetriol

Glyceryl monooleate
Glyceryl monooleate is a glycerol monoester of oleic acid. It can be used as an emulsifier for w/o systems and shows stabilizing properties too.
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Glyceryl monooleate
Glyceryl monooleate
Primary function
W/O emulsifier or O/W co-emulsifier
Typical use level
1.0 - 5%
Physical data

  • Clear amber or pale yellow soft solid or liquid
  • HLB value: 3.5
  • Melting point: 35°C

Benefits / Claims
Penetration enhancer, solubiliser, also imparts emollience, swells in water to give several phases having different rheological properties
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