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Lauroyl Macrogolglycerides

PEG-32 Lauroyl Glycerides

Lauroyl Macrogolglycerides
In topical lotions, it can be evaluated as an emulsifier. Since it can thicken emulsions, it can be evaluated as a co-emulsifier too.
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Lauroyl Macrogolglycerides
Lauroyl Macrogolglycerides
Primary function
Emulsifier/ co-emulsifier
Typical use level
In creams and emulsions, 1 - 3% w/w can be evaluated
Physical data

  • Appearance: Pale yellow waxy solid
  • HLB: 14
  • Mean relative molecular mass: 300 and 1500
  • C12 content: 30 - 50%

Benefits / Claims
Solubiliser, wetting agent, co-emulsifier, consistency agent, sensorial enhancer
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