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We are on a mission to champion our partners' journeys towards utilising sustainable solutions every day to make a positive impact on their organisation and the world.

Sustainable Solutions is a one-stop resource that supports navigating the complexities of green solutions.

At IMCD, we are committed to inspiring and supporting our customers on their sustainability journey. Our approach makes it easy for you to decipher the topic of sustainability within the pharmaceuticals industry with our portfolio of solutions, formulations and knowledge.  Explore our sustainable solutions categories, insights library and more to start or further your sustainable journey.

The Sustainable Solutions

Circular and Renewable

A circular economy goes beyond looking at waste. It is about sourcing renewable and recycled raw materials, as well as designing solutions and processes that are more efficient, and that can be reused and repurposed to prevent resource waste and provide energy savings.

Durability and Maintenance

Durability is the material's capacity to remain serviceable in the surrounding environment during its useful life without damage.

Emission, Waste and Resources

Reducing gas emissions and solid waste, and conserving natural resources that are produced / consumed and released into the atmosphere as a consequence of the production of the raw material.

Material Efficiency and Innovation

Material efficiency is a description or metric that refers to decreasing the amount of a particular material needed to produce a specific product, typically through an innovative approach.

People, Health and Safety

Practices to protect the health and safety of employees and the public using raw materials that are more sustainable and less damaging to health and the environment.

Productivity and Energy

Sustainable production is the creation of goods using processes and systems that are non-polluting, conserve energy and natural resources, economically viable, and safe for workers, communities, and consumers.

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