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Our team of scientists and technical sales specialists support throughout the product development cycle, to ensure you get your ideas to market quickly and robustly. 

From regulatory and quality to excipient performance and functionality, the exceptional service we offer helps you to make the optimal use of our portfolio.

At IMCD Pharmaceuticals, our global network consists of more than 250 people. It includes pharmacists and chemists who have vast formulation experience gained at renowned pharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturing organisations and speciality chemical manufacturers. We regularly undergo training in the latest chemistries and formulation and process technologies so that we fully understand your specific requirements and the equipment you use. Through the IMCD Pharmaceutical Academy and in partnership with our suppliers, we also offer extensive educational, workshop and seminar opportunities at our locations or in your own laboratory or operating areas.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
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Excipients & formulation
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Regulated Synthesis
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We will work with you to meet your technical requirements, as you develop your capabilities and product pipeline.

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