Diosmin Gel

With novelty as the guide

Our global Technical Centres pride in developing various novel dosage forms, ranging from sachets, ODTs, granules, gels, mucoadhesive films and tablets, sticks, or gummies. Gel formulations are typically preferred as they have excellent spreadability and good absorption. Currently, there are tablet and cream formulations available on the market for diosmin, not a gel at this concentration.

Concept Highlights
  • High dose of active in gel formulation (2% diosmin).
  • Micronized diosmin was used for this vasoprotective formula.
  • Sodium alginate allows for good hydration and gel-building characteristics. 
  • Xanthan gum works not only as a rheology modifier, but also allows for a silky skin feel.
  • Stable at both macro-and microscopic level during a three-month stability study.