Bio-based problem solvers - Microfibrillated cellulose and beyond

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About the Webinar

With the increased global focus on sustainability and the strong shift towards biobased and organic agricultural products, the need for widely compatible and efficient inert/co-formulants has never been this urgent. Formulators today are looking to move towards greener solutions to comply with regulations without compromising performance. 

This shift is also true for seed technologists. In addition to the compatibility requirements, seed coatings need to be biodegradable and microplastic free, hence the need for compatible biodegradable binders and film-formers.

In this webinar, we will highlight the many uses of Borregaard’s Exilva as an electrolyte-tolerant, shear thinning structuring agent compatible for biological liquid formulations and seed coatings. We will demonstrate the film forming characteristics and showcase the use in a microplastic-free seed coat liquid together with other biobased binders. Through lab-based case studies, we can demonstrate that microfibrillated cellulose is compatible for a wide range of applications, enabling the development of sustainable and advanced formulations.


In addition, IMCD will guide you through the complementary and sustainable co-formulants available on the market today, which can be used alongside Exilva to produce high performing formulations. 

If you are a formulator interested in sustainable agrochemical formulation (suspensions, biologicals, seeds), then this webinar is for you. 

About the presenters

Presenter One

Rebecca Blell - Technical Sales Manager (Borregaard)
Rebecca is Borregaard’s Technical Application Manager for Exilva Cellulose fibrils into Agricultural products. Based in Norway, she joined Borregaard in 2014 as a research scientist and always focused on the Exilva product and its performance in cleaning products, cosmetics and agricultural applications.

She is now working as the Technical Application Manager for these applications in parallel to being Technical Sales Manager for Exilva products in France and UK. Rebecca has a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Strasbourg, France and experience from international companies.

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