The critical role of excipients on the journey to patient-friendly biologics

30th March 2023

About the webinar
For a very long time, the pharma industry has been timid and slow in the uptake of new therapies and fast-track development. The last two years erased that mode of thinking and cemented biotherapies as rising stars in the pharma industry. The dosage form of choice remains intravenous injections, which are generally considered to have a high burden on patients and healthcare institutions. In recent years, there have been significant breakthroughs in the field of oral, sub-cutaneous, and specially inhalation dosage forms containing biologics.

These are patient-friendly routes and are far more attractive solutions to patients and prescribers alike. With a complex landscape of alternatives, during this webinar, we will cover some of the key patient-friendly bio dosage forms, and the challenges they pose to the formulator.


Excipients are often the decisive factors related to the success and efficacy of a formula. Join us to discuss the vital role these ‘’additives’’ have in overcoming the most common formulation challenges.

About the presenter

Ross Blezard - Product & Application Specialist Biopharma (DFE Pharma)

Ross Blezard is a Biopharma product and application specialist at DFE Pharma. A physicist by education, Ross began his career in inhalation and transdermal drug delivery. After leaving his position as head of formulation development at a UK-based CDMO, Ross spent six years working as a senior scientist in material sciences. In 2019, Ross joined DFE Pharma where he has supported inhalation and biopharmaceutical customers with their technical challenges.

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