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IMCD Synthesis is a leading distributor of monomers, reactive chemicals, building blocks and additives for the manufacturing of chemicals and polymers on an industrial scale.
Refilling service
The specialties in our wide-ranging portfolio are sourced from our excellent network of principals and include bio-based chemicals and semi-commodities in bulk or packaged form. We also provide additional value to customers through our refilling or repacking service for liquid monomers. 
Here, we partner with major suppliers to offer more flexibility when purchasing raw materials that are only available in bulk directly from the producer. Our high-quality products are rigorously tested in our laboratory before being delivered to you in drums or IBCs.
We have unique expertise in sustainable solutions.
We have a dedicated team of market-focused technical sales experts, ready to support you with our in-depth knowledge of industrial chemicals manufacturing. Alongside our extensive portfolio, this enables us to help you develop innovative, sustainable solutions that are sure to make an impact. 

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Dr. Fikri Alemdaroglu
Business Group Director

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