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Explore new possibilities, JEC World 2021

Your ultimate partner in the composite industry! Explore new possibilities with IMCD beyond JEC 2020.


9-11 March, 2021


Parc des Expositions de Villepinte, Frankrijk 



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About the event

As the coronavirus pandemic is impacting our world in unforeseen ways and as the situation is changing daily, with containment measures and travel restrictions all over the world, and after exhibitors were also surveyed, JEC Group has finally decided not to have any edition of JEC WORLD to be held in 2020 and to have its next edition in 2021 from March, 9th to 11th.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of exceptional products from a range of top tier suppliers, covering all raw material needs. This enables our customers to produce high quality laminates by different processes such as hand lay-up, spraying, pultrusion, filament winding, press molding, RTM and infusion.

We offer added value to customers in high-tech industries including aerospace, energy, sport and leisure, automotive and medical with our range of speciality raw materials facilitating the production of high standard advanced composites.

Our customers are assembling increasingly more multi-material structures, considering weight reduction requirements and the enhancement of mechanical properties. We have an optimal solution and can offer specific chemistry for any substrates that our customers need to bond.

We take the future of the planet seriously and we’re constantly looking for new materials that are not only more environmentally friendly, but also guarantee the same level of excellence to our customers. We follow new legislations and market trends and we are proactively introducing a new generation of raw materials to the market to be used in the future.

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Meet our local experts at JEC World

Cristina planchon

IMCD expert - Standard range

Philippe Mantel

IMCD expert - Advanced composites

Pascal Dubois

IMCD expert - Adhesives

Geoffrey Barbier

IMCD expert - Advanced composites