An approach to reformulation
Food product reformulation by fortification involves adding essential vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients to enhance its nutritional value. Fortification can add nutrients typically lacking in certain food products, such as calcium in orange juice or iron in cereal. In some cases, it can also replace some of the nutrients lost during processing or cooking.

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Overall, food product reformulation by fortification is a strategy that can help promote healthier eating habits and address nutritional deficiencies in the population. It offers a simple and effective way to improve the nutritional quality of the food supply and provide a public health benefit.

Fortification can also be a useful strategy to lower the cost of food products by reducing the need for expensive ingredients while still maintaining the product's nutritional value. By fortifying a food product, manufacturers can reduce the amount of expensive ingredients such as meat, dairy, or nuts without sacrificing the product's nutritional value. This helps to lower the product's overall cost while still providing consumers with a healthy and nutritious food option.

However, it is important to note that fortification should not be the sole strategy for lowering the cost of food products. Other strategies such as ingredient substitution, modifying portion sizes, and improving production efficiency should also be considered to balance cost and nutritional value.