An approach to reformulation
Food product reformulation by reducing fat, sugar or salt involves modifying a food product's ingredients and/or production process to reduce the levels of these components while maintaining the desired taste and texture. This process is often done to improve a food product's overall nutritional value and help consumers make healthier food choices.
Reducing fat, sugar or salt can be achieved by simply reducing the amount. However, the flavour, texture and sometimes, shelf life of the product can be impacted. Choosing the right ingredients to substitute these components, and adding in adequate modifying ingredients, such as texturants, flavour compounds, shelf life extenders can compensate for this impact.

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Sugar Reduced Instant Beverage

A sugar reduced instant beverage that provides optimum taste while fortified with dietary fibre.

Food product reformulation by reducing fat, sugar, or salt can help to address concerns related to obesity, hypertension, and other chronic diseases linked to excessive consumption of these components. It can also help to meet regulatory requirements related to health and nutrition claims on food labels. According to Sugar Asia Magazine, countries in Southeast Asia are imposing taxes on sugary products to tackle rising obesity and diabetes rates.The campaign to reduce the consumption of sugar is likely to impact companies and those in the sugar industry.


However, it is important to note that any changes to the ingredients or production process should be carefully evaluated to ensure that the product still meets regulatory standards and without compromising on taste and quality. 


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