Kollitab™ DC 87 L:      All-in-One Tableting Solution

A novel direct compression co-processed excipient

On Direct Compression

Known for their convenience, tablets are the most popular solid oral dosage form preferred by both patients and manufacturers alike. Out of the commonly utilised main processing methodologies, direct compression (DC) is favoured. However, DC formulations typically require multiple excipients to fulfil flowability, compressibility, disintegration, and lubrication requirements. Co-processed excipients, which combine two or more functional materials into a single ingredient, can be used to overcome these formulation challenges through their enhancement of the resulting material’s performance and processability.

BASF introduces its new co-processed excipient, Kollitab™ DC 87 L, your all-in-one direct compressible tableting solution.

Features & Benefits

What makes Kollitab™ DC 87 L the better blend?
Superior Flowability

Enables high process consistency with reduced weight variability

High hardness at low compression force

Minimises tablet defects while reducing machine stress and punch damage

tablet bottle
Fast disintegration time

Decreases impact on drug dissolution

Kollitab™ DC 87 L Composition

MDE: 4384 mg for tablets

(Ph. Eur., USP/NF, JP), (~87%)

See Kollitab™ DC 87 L in Action

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