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Enhanced Protein Oat Drink

oat milk and oats
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A plant-based beverage with oats for a clean, milky taste.

Oat-based milk alternatives have been rising in popularity due to their clean taste and rich texture. However, the protein content tends to be relatively low when pure oats are used. The Enhanced Protein Oat Drink is a rich-tasting, milky oat protein drink enriched with pea and chickpea proteins. This drink is fortified with adequate protein, calcium, and fibre for a nutritious dairy milk replacement.

Meat alternatives

Chef Demo Dishes

Featuring HMMA

To allow a dense meat-like bite, plant-based meat analogues are created through high moisture extrusion technology. As compared to the dry texturised protein, high moisture meat analogues (HMMA) are much denser and solid, with more defined meat-like fibres.

As HMMA is structured like meat, it can be used as it is, similar to real chicken meat. HMMA can be transformed into different culinary cuisines through stewing, grilling, and stir-frying. With its versatility to be used in different Asian cuisines, HMMA can be packed into a ready meal kit with a sauce pack or simply in the marinated form to be distributed to both food service and retail.

Plates of Indonesian Dishes

IMCD has used HMMA in a range of Indonesian-style dishes. The HMMA is accompanied by different spices and aromatics to create tantalizing hot dishes on the spot. A simple marination process with different meat flavours (chicken or beef) and different natural fibres transforms the HMMA into beef or chicken.

Featured 3 dishes: 

  • Salt & Chilli Plant-Based Chicken 
  • Plant-Based Beef Sate
  • Plant-Based Chicken Gulai


Other than culinary dishes that can be easily processed using HMMA, we are also featuring 2 other comminuted formats of plant-based meat alternatives. 


Plant-Based Beef Dendeng

Plant-Based Beef Dendeng with spices
Concept Highlights

The HMMA in the Plant-Based Beef Dendeng gives the sweet and savoury snack a satisfying chew. To create a product that will not crumble during grilling, a combination of gelling agents was used, including methylcellulose as both an emulsifier and a gelling agent.

Beef-flavoured yeast extract was used to provide the beef identity together with aromatic spices. All of these are packed into a grab-and-go snack size that allows tantalizing chewing bite after bite.


Plant-Based Chicken Patty

Concept Highlights
The conventional TVP is used in a Plant-Based Chicken Patty. The hydrated TVP are bound together with methylcellulose to allow a firm patty that is easy to grill and flip, and provides a good bite while the product is eaten hot.

The juiciness of the patty is enhanced with citrus fibre to allow a tantalizing experience, while the barbeque and chicken flavours combined with yeast extract are used to create a roasted chicken-like profile. To increase the nutritional profile of the patty, pea protein and minerals were added to ensure that an optimum meat replacer is created.
Burger with Patty


Smart DHA Cookies

cookies on wooden tray
Concept Highlights

A coffee cookie fortified with Omega 3 DHA is created to maintain daily cognitive function, empowering the ability to handle a stressful day. The stability of encapsulated DHA in powder form provides easy addition and stability.

What makes a cookie desirable is its light, crunchy texture with a good flavour release. The right proportion of fats and water, together with the addition of texture modifiers such as pea fibre and pregelatinised starch, helps to achieve a short texture that melts in the mouth.

Mantou Oat Pillows

Concept Highlights

Mantou is a steamed bun that is a food staple in Chinese culture. Its light, fluffy texture and slightly sweet taste make it a popular breakfast food or even a companion to other dishes. Single bite-sized mantou has been created to serve as a quick snack food.

The Mantous are naturally coloured in a bright purple shade and enriched with oat fibre to improve gut health and immunity. With fibre addition comes the challenge of retaining a moist and fluffy texture with good volume. An improver system and acacia fibre are used to improve the texture.

mantou on dimsum tray