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Welcome to “The Future’s Menu -Inspired by the Asian culinary experience”.

30th June and 1st July 2021

Committed to inspiring innovation in the Food and Nutrition industry, IMCD is hosting a 2-day virtual event, “The Future's Menu – Inspired by the Asian culinary experience”.

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Explore with us what the future's menu holds!

During the 2-day event, IMCD will discuss what drives new product development today, considering global consumer trends from unique local perspectives. Explore our most recent food and beverage concepts in our 3D virtual laboratory where IMCD experts will share insights to support you in crafting products which meet consumer and end user needs – today and tomorrow.


Why can't you miss it?

  • Access local consumer insights
  • Hear from Industry experts
  • Find inspirations from our latest concepts
  • Get your questions answered by our speakers and IMCD specialists

3D Virtual Laboratory with 24 product concepts distributed in to 6 applications: 
  • Bakery & Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Confectionary & Chocolate
  • Dairy & Dairy Alternatives
  • Nutrition
  • Savoury

3 live events – hosted by IMCD, Innova and Industry Experts

Live sessions - Get inspired By IMCD and its Partners

APAC Consumer Trends – Local insights in the new normal  

June 30th – 11 AM (GMT+8)

Better Carbs, Better Health. From sugar reduction to high in fibres.

June 30th – 12.30 PM (GMT+8)

360° Evolution of Asian Meat Alternatives

July 1st – 11 AM (GMT+8)

APAC Consumer Trends – Local insights in the new normal
June 30th - 11:00 AM (GMT +8)
Tapping on the knowledge from Innova Market Insights, the session covers the consumer trends in the APAC region with local insights from IMCD experts. Key drivers on consumers yearning and purchase decisions will be detailed and illustrated.

Consumer trends

  • Irene Kersbergen, Insights & Innovation Manager APAC, Innova Market Insights 

IMCD local market insights

  • Pasquale Piscopo, General Manager Food & Nutrition, IMCD Australia
  • Saeko Minami, Sales Manager Food & Nutrition, IMCD Japan
  • Eloisa de Leon, Business Unit Manager Food & Nutrition, IMCD Philippines
Better Carbs, Better Health - From sugar reduction to high in fibre.
June 30th -12:30 PM (GMT +8)
The rise of the sugar tax, new regulatory, and diverse marketing healthier logo incentives in sugar content prompted many manufacturers into reformulation to meet the new requirement. Overcoming these hurdles and raising new opportunities around prebiotic fibres and digestive health, IMCD will disclose the technical leverages to develop healthier products without any compromise on the sweet taste and indulgence.

Success story of start-up companies – Inspiration for innovation

  • Lau Kum Yee, Co-founder & CEO, Nuvojoy Pte Ltd

Regulation & Labelling, Sugar tax

  • Poon Wai Mun, Principal Regulatory Consultant and Owner of Wong SJ Asia Pte Ltd

Addressing formulation challenges

  • Koh Wanlin, Regional Technical Manager, IMCD Food & Nutrition APAC
360° Evolution of Asian Meat Alternatives

July 1st - 11:00 AM (GMT +8)

This session provides a 360-degree overview on journey of meat alternatives. Industry experts will share on the rise of new meals to cater to the increased demand of plant-based food. IMCD will showcase how it plays an important role in this process – optimising technology and providing the right ingredients for the formulation to obtain the right texture, sensorial appeal experience and nutritional values. 

Success story of start-up companies – Inspiration for innovation

  • Andre Menezes, Co-founder & COO, Next Gen Foods (TiNDLE)

Leveraging on technology - High moisture extrusion 

  • Dustin O'Farrell, Regional Manager, Human Nutrition, SEA and Pacific, Bühler (Thailand) Ltd.

Addressing formulation challenges

  • Ittipong Ratianan, Technical & Marketing Manager Food & Nutrition, IMCD Thailand 

Thank you very much for your interest, registration has been closed.