A partnership that goes beyond collaboration

IMCD & Paragon

IMCD & Paragon

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Paragon is the largest national cosmetic manufacturer in Indonesia. It is the market leader for moisturiser and colour cosmetics. It started 26 years ago by Dr. Sari’s mother, who has a pharmacy background. Paragon started with two employees and has now evolved to a strong company of 11,000 employees.
How did IMCD and Paragon Technology & Innovation first meet?

Rizky: I think it was in 2015, right? Our first collaboration was for lightening series. Do you remember, Dr. Sari?


Dr. Sari: Yes, this one. We wanted to formulate Vitamin C in this cream. You know that Vitamin C can be quite challenging to formulate. We were searching for more stable Vitamin C and that’s why we met. IMCD connected us with their formulation expertise. This is how our good relationship started lasts until now.

Do you recall a success story with IMCD?

Rizky: How about Crystallure? 


Adelia: This one? That’s my favourite actually.  


Dr. Sari: This is the first premium skincare link from Paragon. For Crystallure, we discussed with IMCD from the beginning to the end: from the concept, benchmark, sensory feel and formulation troubleshooting. I think this is one of the success stories between Paragon and IMCD. 


Rizky: I remember at that time our technical team was very excited when Paragon briefed this project to us. Because as I know Paragon only shared with limited suppliers to collaborate on this project. We engaged with multiple stakeholders in Paragon from the R&D and also from the marketing in order to understand their expectations about the texture, the claim, the efficacy they wanted to achieve. It was a nice collaboration, and we are so happy to be part of the Crystallure journey. 
Rizky Ramadhani
IMCD Indonesia Beauty & Personal Care Business Unit Manager

"Truly, our relationship with Paragon challenges us to be more innovative and proactive than other suppliers. Because we don’t want to be recognised only as an ingredient provider, we would like to be their partner as a supplier: whether we share new ingredient, new technologies that are in line with projects, we also give the technical support, regulatory support and also trends scouting. So this is the beauty of our mutual relationship."
Dr. Sari Chairunnisa
Vice President of Research & Development of Paragon Technology and Innovation

"I think when our suppliers become our innovation enablers that means, like Rizky said, not only suggesting some raw materials into formulations but also discussing and giving suggestions updated information, market share analysis.."


What about tomorrow?


Rizky: Dr Sari, how could we help you in creating more value in the future? 


Dr Sari: I think what Paragon needs from IMCD right now and for the future is two things: first one is agility in supply. And the second one is innovation. We are looking for what to create more innovative products together that our end consumers will like and hopefully will be pandemic proof products. 


Adelia: Thank you very much Dr Sari for your time and sharing this wonderful experience with us. 

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