IMCD Italy: Together Towards a Bias-Free World


“Another generation of women will have to wait for gender parity”. This is how the Global Gender Gap Report 2021 issued by the World Economic Forum begins.

According to the Gender Gap Index - which compares economies’ gender gaps across four dimensions: economic opportunities, education, health, and political leadership -, last year Italy ranked 63 out of the 156 countries covered in the report (1).


Gender equality, inclusiveness, and the enhancement of diversity are some of the objectives that IMCD Italy supports within the scope of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


To mark this commitment through tangible actions, our Italian team made a donation to Global Thinking Foundation (GTF), which supports, sponsors and organises activities and projects to promote the social and economic-financial inclusion of all citizens. GTF hosts courses and conducts initiatives dedicated to all women and girls, to achieve gender equality and empowerment, promoting actions aimed at reducing social inequalities and guaranteeing equal rights for social and financial inclusion.

Since 2019, Global Thinking Foundation has been sponsoring three sport teams through the "GLT Women's Sport Award" project (2). This donation is aimed to support families to enrol their daughters in the Women Lecce Soccer team.


To keep strengthening the relationship with this organisation and to celebrate International Women’s Day, IMCD Italy hosted a meeting with Claudia Segre, GTF President, and Alessandra Maci, GTF Sustainability Project Manager. During this time, both guest speakers took our team through the initiatives run by the Foundation to achieve gender equality and empowerment (Goal 5 and 10 Agenda ONU 2030).


At the end of the talk, and in appreciation of the donation made to the GLT Women’s Sport Award, Global Thinking Foundation handed IMCD Italy’s female colleagues a graphic novel. These novels are based on real-life testimonies of women that had been subject to discrimination and conditions of economic subordination and are part of the project "Free to... LIVE" (“Libere di… VIVERE”). This is a travelling exhibition in which the presentation of graphic novels is combined with events aimed to inform citizens and broaden the debate on women’s rights and the fight against violence (3). 


"As a company, we want to celebrate and commemorate the symbolic value of the International Women's Day by reiterating our commitment to the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development," said Marco Madeddu, Managing Director IMCD Italy. "Education, decent work, gender equality are just a few of the objectives IMCD Italy supports in a journey that we have undertaken and which we will carry out through projects and initiatives such as today's collaboration with Global Thinking Foundation," concluded Madeddu.