Welcome to the Trends Library 

Here you can explore our growing series of expert trends commentaries, published by our different Business Groups. Each edition is based on unique industry and local insights from our brightest talents around the globe.

Each trends commentary reveals what IMCD experts have identified as the key trends to watch over the year and decade to follow. 

Expect eye-opening statistics, thoughtful interview sessions and intriguing case studies that bring to life the challenges we’re solving and the innovations we’re discovering across IMCD. 


Why do trends matter? 
Without trends, there can be no innovation. 

Whether we’re working in a fast-moving consumer goods arena, or in a specialised field that takes longer to evolve, it’s equally important to pay attention to the shifting cultural priorities that drive change. Only then can business leaders and technical experts understand how best to apply their talents, and how to innovate in ways that resonate with their market. 

Available Trend Commentaries

Tomorrow’s Sustainable: Advanced Materials

Advanced materials play an essential role in the fabric of our society – just like sustainability does. In this trends commentary, IMCD experts explain how innovation is helping the industry do its part to reach the latest emissions reduction targets being set around the globe.

Building Tomorrow: Coatings & Construction Trends 

In the Coatings & Construction industry, big-picture trends such as sustainability, healthy living and the digital revolution continue to evolve and open new windows of opportunity. This commentary takes a closer look at how such movements are informing product development in the space.

Tomorrow’s Menu: Food & Nutrition Trends

In 2021, a healthy plate – for people and planet – is more important than ever, but trying out new experiences at mealtimes has also gone up the priority list. As consumer tastes evolve, everything points to exciting opportunities for brands that IMCD experts sit down to discuss.

Tomorrow’s Cleaner Living: Trends in Homecare and I&I

It’s no surprise that we’re all paying more attention to hygiene and sanitation lately, which means that trends in the industry are gaining momentum like never before. IMCD considers how the needs of consumers and professional customers have changed, and what they’ll be expecting from brands moving forward.

Powering Tomorrow: Trends in Lubricants & Energy

The energy conversation is more exciting than ever, as new alternative fuels, lubricants and additives enter the scene each year. At the same time, emissions regulation is ramping up as governments race to achieve big picture targets for 2050. How can those targets be brought to life? IMCD experts explore the solutions grabbing attention.

Tomorrow’s Beauty: Personal Care Trends 

The ‘personal’ aspect of personal care now matters to consumers. Individuals around the world are working hard to identify who they are, what they stand for and how to express that. Brands in the space can now help them celebrate themselves and their world all at once – the IMCD team helps explain how to innovate against this backdrop.

25 years ahead of the trends
Our trends commentary series was started to celebrate IMCD’s 25th anniversary – representing a landmark moment for our business. We’re now looking ahead to the next 25 years, exploring how IMCD and our partners can leverage digitalisation and innovation to respond to trends, solve challenges and create opportunities for people and planet.