Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

At IMCD, we have certain core values and guiding principles that are essential to our business operations and are key to our ambition to deliver sustainable and profitable growth. You can read more about this in our Code of Conduct.

By giving people the freedom to act and empowering them to drive business forward, IMCD has established a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture. Integrity, transparency and compliance are our core business values that promote a climate of trust. We are all guided by strict financial discipline, no matter where we operate. We strive to be a reliable and strategic partner to our suppliers and customers, focused on supporting the sustainable growth of their brands. 

With these values in mind, IMCD has created a culture where integrity is essential to the way we do business and where unethical behaviour will not be tolerated. Our culture is strong and an important factor to make the best people successful.

It is this culture that is summarised in the IMCD Code of Conduct, describing IMCD’s core values, ethics and business principles, to which all IMCD companies worldwide are equally and fully committed. 

To find out more, you can download our Code of Conduct below.