Corporate Governance

General Meeting of Shareholders

Find information about our General Meeting of Shareholders.
The most recent Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) was held on 22 June 2021. The convocation, agenda and all further documentation related to the meeting are available below. 

Extraordinary Meetings of Shareholders (“EGM”) shall be held as often as the Management Board or the Supervisory Board deems desirable. Notice of general meetings shall be given no later than 42 days before the day of the meeting through publication of a notice on the website of IMCD. Shareholders representing, either solely or jointly with other shareholders, at least 3% of the issued share capital of IMCD, may request the company to put an item on the agenda provided that the company has received the request no later than on the sixtieth day prior to the day of the general meeting.


More detailed information on the organisation of the AGM / EGM can be found in the IMCD’s Articles of Association.


Articles of association of IMCD NV1

Statuten IMCD NV1

Annual General Meeting 2021​

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, IMCD decided to limit social gatherings surrounding its 2021 AGM by canceling the usual post-meeting lunch.  

Shareholders who preferred not to attend the meeting have been able (as usual) to exercise their voting rights by electronic voting instruction or written proxy in accordance with the procedures included in the convocation.