Shareholder information

Stakeholder dialogue and bilateral contacts

IMCD recognises and acknowledges the importance of having a meaningful dialogue with its stakeholders, on their interests, concerns, and expectations for IMCD.
Policies for appropriate and effective dialogue
As a leading global speciality chemical and ingredients distributor, IMCD engages with a variety of stakeholders on local, national, and international level.

Engagement may, from time to time, include bilateral contacts with shareholders or potential shareholders. The purpose of these contacts is to explain the strategy and performance of IMCD and ensure that in this way correct and adequate information is disseminated about the company.


In line with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, IMCD has formulated a policy providing the
outlines for an effective stakeholder dialogue. In addition, a policy with guidelines for appropriate bilateral contacts with shareholders is available.

You can download these policies below. 

IMCD policy on stakeholder dialogue

IMCD policy on bilateral contact with shareholders