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Oct 29, 2020


ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands

IMCD brings unique global trends insights to the market. The new series, powered by IMCD’s local and market expertise, launches with a report on the rapidly evolving food and nutrition industry

IMCD, a global leader in speciality chemicals and ingredients distribution, has launched a new series of trends commentaries. The reports will see technical and commercial experts from across IMCD share insights on the trends influencing the future of the markets where its main Business Groups are active. The first topic to be highlighted is Tomorrow’s Menu, where IMCD Food & Nutrition explores how recent shifts in consumer thinking and behaviour are expected to shape food and beverage choices. The other Business Groups scheduled to release commentaries in the coming months include Personal Care, Home Care and I&I, Pharmaceuticals, Coatings & Construction, Advanced Materials and Lubricants & Fuels.

The launch coincides with the 25th anniversary of IMCD and evidences how the growth it has achieved over the past two decades enables its experienced team to deliver added value to its partners. IMCD has invested significantly in building its global network, technical capabilities and local expertise, to support customers in leveraging trends insights to drive new product development and innovation.

Backed by data from Innova Market Insights*, Tomorrow’s Menu unveils the three key trends that IMCD predicts will have the biggest influence on the food and nutrition industry into 2021:

Healthy Inside-Out
Today’s consumers are more health-conscious than ever, but for many it’s a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling work, family and social life. Globally, 74% of consumers have taken proactive steps to improve their health and wellness over the past year. From dietary fibres to plant-based proteins, people are on the lookout for convenient ways to fit more optimal nutrition into their busy schedules.

New Food Adventures
In the wake of COVID-19, consumers may have more time to devote to cooking, eating and exploring food – and are going online for inspiration. Categories are fusing and this adds a whole new dimension to the eating experience – with as many as 87% of people in India saying that they love to experiment with new food concepts. Consumers want food to be ‘fun’, but that doesn’t mean unsophisticated as they search for high-end, premium options with natural flavours and interesting texture profiles.

Conscious Living
Shoppers are increasingly aware of the social and environmental impact of their purchases and, for many ethically-minded consumers, plant-based products tick a lot of boxes. As flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets hit the mainstream, there is a growing need for formulation support to overcome the challenges associated with replacing staples like egg in a recipe.

“The food and nutrition market is extremely dynamic and continues to evolve as consumers seek out new experiences aligned with the growing demand for healthy and sustainable products,” explains Marc Van Gerwen, Business Group Director, Food & Nutrition. “Developing innovative and delicious products all starts with understanding consumers and the manufacturing standards and requirements of our customers. We can then support with the crafting of formulation solutions that use our high-quality portfolio of ingredients to respond directly to market needs.”

To download a copy of the Food & Nutrition trends commentary click here.

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* Innova Market Insights is a global knowledge leader in the food and beverage industry. It has an extensive tracking system for new food and beverage product launches in more than 90 countries.