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Nov 11, 2020


ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands

IMCD Food & Nutrition unveils recipe for vegan burger success with new trends-inspired concept

IMCD Food & Nutrition has launched a complete vegan burger prototype. From a plant-based patty and healthy sauce, to a vegan bun and cheese, the Clean & Green Meat Free Burger shows how IMCD can support its partners in responding to the movement towards healthier, more sustainable food and beverage choices that is currently trending across the world.

As increasing numbers of consumers adopt flexitarian lifestyles, the global market for meat substitutes is predicted to be valued at more than $5.2 billion by 2022 . With the Clean & Green Meat Free Burger, IMCD has developed meat- and dairy-analogues that have improved nutritional values compared to industry standards. The ‘guilt-free’ components also have reduced sugar and salt, yet taste good, have premium textures and support clean label positionings, thanks to formulation expertise brought by IMCD.

“In an ever-evolving market, we’re always listening out for consumer trends and continuously look for new ways to translate our local market knowledge and insights into real-life solutions,” explains Marc Van Gerwen, Business Group Director, Food & Nutrition. “The Clean & Green Meat Free Burger proves that ‘sustainable’ and ‘healthy’ doesn’t have to mean boring and is an excellent example of how partnering with IMCD can lead to formulations that surpass all expectations.” 

The Clean & Green Meat Free Burger starts with a soft, tasty vegan burger bun that is made with 60% more wheat fibre and has an excellent shelf life. This is layered with vegan cheddar cheese, a non-dairy substitute made with 40% less salt and with an authentic taste, mouthfeel, elasticity, and bite. The star of the show is the clean label burger patty itself, packed with pea- and fava-protein and tasting just like meat using natural ingredients. To top it off, add a drizzle of burger sauce, containing 60% less saturated fats, 35% less sugar and an indulgent taste that comes from natural flavours only. 

“At IMCD, our technical experts are receiving a growing number of requests for formulation advice on balancing demands for clean-label, vegan and healthy options, with achieving a premium taste and texture,” explains Michel Faes, Technical Director, Food & Nutrition. “We work in close partnership with our customers and suppliers to discover solutions to these opportunities. The burger in this concept, for example, is a plant-based meat analogue that is very high in fibre and protein. We’ve successfully accomplished a meaty taste and the raw product even becomes a juicy red-brown when cooked – tempting to even the biggest meat lover! All of this was achieved without the use of any E-numbers, modified crops, or artificial flavours, meaning the product benefits from a clean-label as well.”

IMCD recently launched a new series of trends commentaries, which involve technical and commercial experts from across IMCD sharing insights on the trends influencing the future of the markets where it is active. Tomorrow’s Menu, powered by IMCD, unveils the trends it predicts will have the biggest influence on the global food and nutrition industry. Click here to download the report and click here to download an infographic on the Clean & Green Meat Free Burger.

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