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IMCD Lubricants & Energy launches newly enhanced North America laboratory in Greater Houston

IMCD Group (“IMCD”), a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients, today launched the newly enhanced IMCD Lubricants & Energy Laboratory serving customers throughout North America. Located in Greater Houston, Texas in the U.S., the laboratory is amidst one of the leading centers of the energy industry and one of the largest petrochemical manufacturing areas in the U.S. The expansion of the IMCD Lubricants & Energy Laboratory features a range of new testing equipment for industrial and automotive lubricant applications and metalworking fluids, to provide comprehensive technical support for customers in the lubricants and energy markets.

Photographed left to right: 

  • Braydon Rudy, Laboratory Technical Manager, North America, IMCD Lubricants & Energy 
  • Vincenzo Aruta, Business Development Manager, IMCD Lubricants & Energy
  • John O’Keefe, Vice President, IMCD US Lubricants & Energy 
  • Marco Madeddu, Business Group Director, IMCD Lubricants & Energy 
  • Joshua Godfrey, Laboratory Manager, North America, IMCD Lubricants & Energy 

“Broadening our local technical capabilities in support of our customers’ quest to drive innovation, reinforces IMCD’s commitment to the industry and our supplier partners,” said John O’Keefe, Vice President, IMCD US Lubricants & Energy. “We now offer well-rounded capabilities to accelerate our customers’ formulatory processes as we facilitate the development of tailored solutions for our North American market.”


The Greater Houston IMCD Lubricants & Energy Laboratory debuted in 2018 with state-of-the-art testing for oil and gas applications. Its enhanced capabilities further support and empower customers seeking high-performance, customized and innovative solutions.


Key equipment and capabilities available through the expanded IMCD Lubricants & Energy Laboratory include, but not limited to: 

  • 4-Ball Extreme Pressure and Wear Testing
  • Viscometer 
  • Consistometer 
  • Cement Fluid Loss Testing
  • Grease Penetrometer and Worker 
  • Testing capabilities for rheology, corrosion, density, foaming and emulsion stability

“The impressive capabilities we now have in serving our North American customers position IMCD as a partner of choice for the lubricants and energy sectors,” said Marco Madeddu, Business Group Director, IMCD Lubricants & Energy. “Our strong commercial and technical teams are on the right path for significant growth in the region, and we are thrilled to have the support of our valued partners with shared ambitions for expanded market opportunities.” 

The laboratory is part of IMCD Lubricants & Energy’s global network of Technical Centres, each designed to offer marketplace differentiation and unparalleled technical expertise. IMCD now has three market-focused application laboratories for the lubricants and energy markets located in Australia, France and the U.S., with more to follow.


To view photos of the IMCD Lubricants & Energy Laboratory, click HERE to access the gallery.


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