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Sep 09, 2021


Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

IMCD presents Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow: new insights on the sustainable materials paving the way for the advanced materials industry

IMCD, the leading global speciality chemicals and ingredients distributor, has released Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow, a new trends commentary addressing sustainability in the advanced materials industry that is the fifth in a series of commentaries exploring the markets in which IMCD operates.

Featuring IMCD sustainability experts from around the world, Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow commentary includes analysis from our technical experts who weigh in to decomplexify sustainability in advanced materials and uncover the four most important global trends impacting our industries: recyclability, reusability, bio-based content, and CO2 reduction & energy consumption.



Recyclability starts during product development, and design innovation is essential for opening new sustainable possibilities. Today, designers are creating products with the potential to be recycled in mind and are already uncovering a variety of new solutions to increase recyclability and transform the end-of-life process.



Reusable products have a major impact on plastic waste footprint, energy consumption and the reduction of emissions and waste, while also reducing the pressure on recycling systems. But today´s manufacturers encounter logistical challenges such as long times for sourcing raw materials that are sustainably supplied. So, how do we ensure quality? We rely on innovation and new materials.


Bio-Based Content

When we move away from materials that take millions of years to develop and embrace bio-based materials that only take a few years to develop, we open the doors wide for sustainable innovation. Today, more and more new bio-based sources and methods are being discovered that can be used as an alternative to petroleum-based polymers, but which approach is the most popular?


CO2 Reduction and Energy Consumption

Reducing carbon dioxide starts with selecting the right raw materials, prioritising sustainable sourcing and energy-efficient extraction methods. But when it comes to building a sustainable future, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To be truly successful, the challenge must be addressed holistically.


“Sustainable solutions are no longer the way of the future, the future is now,” Olivier Champault, Business Group Director, IMCD Advanced Materials explains. “That’s why, at IMCD Advanced Materials, we never stop innovating and always aim to answer the question, ‘what’s next?’. Today, that’s sustainability. With our partners, we push the bounds of material science and open new frontiers for the advanced materials industries to spearhead a more sustainable future for all.”


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