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Feb 17, 2021


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

IMCD presents Building Tomorrow: new insights on the future of coatings and construction, from the technical experts leading the way

IMCD, the leading global speciality chemicals and ingredients distributor, has released Building Tomorrow, a new trends commentary for the coatings and construction industry that is the second in a series of commentaries exploring the markets in which IMCD operates.

The Building Tomorrow commentary features a series of sit-down interviews with technical and commercial experts from IMCD Coatings & Construction, who share relevant insights on megatrends such as sustainability, safety, smart technology, and efficiency. The expert viewpoints reveal how each of the four trends are evolving in response to the latest ideas and innovations:

Green & Circular – The Quest for Sustainability 
Sustainability is no longer an end goal to be achieved, but a journey with an ever-evolving destination, and the process matters more than ever: 3 in 4 people say it is now more important that companies behave in an eco-friendly manner1.

A Healthy Future – Clean Label & Safe Use 
Tomorrow’s producers, applicators and consumers want solutions that are not only safe, but actively beneficial to health. Future-proof formulations surpass regulatory expectations while setting new standards in biocide reduction. 

Smart Functionality – Adding New Features 
Every 16 months, another city grows beyond 10 million inhabitants2. Leading SMEs are innovating smart new solutions for compact urban space. New coatings not only maintain, but even enhance the functionality of surfaces. 

Time for Efficiency – Making More with Less  
Efficiency relies on maintaining an artful balance between innovation, regulation, quality of production, ease of distribution, cost effectiveness and ease of use. Manufacturers can now optimise every element to ensure speed and value, from shortening drying time to eliminating layers, without sacrificing performance or aesthetic appeal.

As Frank Schneider, Business Group Director, IMCD Coatings & Construction explains, “With this commentary, we want to share our view on the latest market, product and technology developments with the coatings and construction community. This multi-lateral exchange of know-how and expertise is our contribution to align, improve and accelerate the understanding and resolution of the complex challenges we are facing in the industry, tomorrow and beyond.”

Beyond the launch of the Building Tomorrow trends commentary is a virtual event for IMCD’s customers in Europe on 22 March. At the ‘City of Tomorrow’, coatings industry professionals who are missing the European Coatings Show 2021 will have a place to connect and explore the latest market trends and insight-driven content in a dynamic, immersive environment that sets a new standard for online events.    

Click here to download your copy of the Building Tomorrow trends commentary, and to find out more about IMCD Coatings & Construction. 

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1Global Web Index Connecting the Dots Report 2020